EMBOTITS SA CALDERA SL is a company located in Sant Joan (Majorca), in the centre of the island. This fact is a clear manifestation of its rural and peasant tradition, because since time immemorial, in all of the houses and possessions of the region, each year were made, and still do, the traditional pig slaughtering. In fact, the most famous and popular festival that takes place in the town of Sant Joan (where the company is located) is the "Feast of Botifarró", which is usually held in October.

Embotits Sa Caldera, was founded and managed by Joan Jaume Matas from its beginnings in 1988. He learnt the trade in his parents' butcher, Catalina Matas and Rafel Jaume. The company continues with the manufacture of traditional products from the old Mallorcan slaughters. Elaborates a whole series of sausages related to the traditional culture of the island of Mallorca: botifarrons, llangonisses, sobrassades, poltrús, camaiots…

The facilities of Embotits Sa Caldera, during this decades, have evolved, modernized and adapted to the production needs that customer demand requires.

Embotits Sa Caldera, in its commitment to quality and since the creation of the “Consell Regulador de la Sobrassada de Mallorca” decided to join and was included with the number 28 registration. Currently, Joan Jaume Matas is part of the jury of quality tastings of the Sobrassada de Mallorca, which periodically carries out this regulatory entity.

Embotits Sa Caldera, continuing the policy of innovation, modernization and customer service, since 2011 we have implemented a system of quality self-control, currently ISO 9001:2015.

Embotits Sa Caldera, with aim of improving its presence in the market, we have made available to consumers other brands of proven quality, such as Can Tia and Can Balaguer. Both, with the one of Sa Caldera, form a universe of quality and service in the environment of sobrassada and traditional sausage that is made in Mallorca and extracted from the pig.

The Sobrassada of Mallorca Can Tia was the first to be made from the black pig (native breed of Mallorca that was in danger of extinction). Its quality led him in 1986 to obtain the national award “Gastronomy and Oenology” and in 1988 was awarded the medal of Tourism Promotion of Mallorca.