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New president for the Regulator Council of the IGP Majorcan Sobrassada

The minister of Agricultura of the Balearic Government, Mr. Gabriel Company designated Jaume Ballester as the new president of the Regulator Council of the IGP Majorcan Sobrassada

On 19 November, after the board of the Regulator Council of the IGP Majorcan Sobrassada proposed a new president, the minister Gabriel Company nominated Jaume Ballester. This change in the presidency has ocurred since the former president mr. Castelló presented his resignation for strictly personal reasons during the Regulator Council plenary of 30 September.

On 8 November, the Regulator Council plenary decided to propose Jaume Ballester Puigrós to the Department of Agriculture which is legally responsible for designating the new president .

Jaume Ballester is a well known person inside the Majorcan sobrassada industry as he has been a board member of the Regulator Council since 1993. Besides, he has been strongly connected to the “Associación Nacional de Industrias de Carne de España” (Spanish National Association of Meat Industries) and to the “Associació Balear d’Indústries de la Carn” (Balearic Association Meat Industries) that includes slaughterhouses, cutting rooms, cold stores and sausage factories. One of the most important tasks in which he was involved was the drafting of the regulations for the specific designation of origin “Majorcan Sobrassada”



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