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Black Pig


Majorcan Black Pig is an autochthonous breed of traditional pig from Mallorca. It seems that originally comes from the cross between Iberian and Celtic pigs. According to some authors, black pig is one of the most primitive groups maintained in productive exploitation until today because of the special impact that, for many centuries, has been in the household economy of the rural population.

These are middle sized animals with black fur and big, flat and lop ears. Currently the breed is regulated and there is a studbook to guarantee its purebred. The purebred animal census estimation obtained through the “Select Majorcan Black Pig Breeders Association” it’s about 600 registered breeders. Black Pig farms are distributed throughout the island of Mallorca. Black pigs are subject to extensive and semi-extensive breeding and are fed on the products of the farm itself: cereals, figs, prickly pears, pastures… with a limited fodder percentage.

Up to the middle of the nineteenth century it was subject of an active commerce as it was the only pig that was bred. Processed meat was exported, and 20,000 living animals were transported to Barcelona by boat every year as can be read in A Winter in Majorca written by the French novelist George Sand. The recovery of this Majorcan autochthonous breed began in the early 80s of the twentieth century due to the willingness to put in the market high quality products with development guarantees.

The Majorcan Black Pig breed has been consolidated thanks to the creation of an specific designation of origin: “Majorcan Sobrassada” (MAPA. BOE 17.02.1994) that establishes the “Black Pig Majorcan Sobrassada” variety, which has permitted, through the Regulator Council, the enactment of regulation and the creation of commercial channels that allowed to establish agreements between the industrial production sectors in order to obtain maximum quality products.

The Select Majorcan Black Pig Breeders Association (C/ de s'Aigua, 4. Sineu 07510. Tel: 971520077. Fax: 971520389) looks after the regulation enforcement to guarantee the highest quality breed.

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